Love of creativity starts in childhood

The cockles of my heart were warmed this week when I read a great article in the Melbourne Weekly Eastern Magazine about the lovely 21 year old Elizabeth Bowtell who recently completed a diploma of design technology at RMIT.

It was the second paragraph that made my heart sing…

The Balwyn resident’s interest in design began in her childhood.  ”I always loved making things and fixing problems.  I was very creative,” she recalls.

The great news is that she was encouraged all through primary school, secondary school and into college to pursue her passion – and is now a finalist in the Australian International Furniture Fair’s emerging designers competition!

I love the way she described her creativity…”…I always loved making things and fixing problems…” that is a very important distinction.  Fixing problems is a very creative pursuit…those of you who poo-poo their own creativity just think…when was the last time you solved a problem?  Hmmm??

To all the parents out there, encourage your kids to do the same.  When they come to you to fix something, talk to them about how the could do it themselves, what would they need to do, how could they fix it, help them do the work if need be – but encourage them to start thinking ‘creatively’ to come up with solutions and enjoy the ‘making’ for themselves.

Their future employers will thank you for it!

Young designer Elizabeth Bowtell was 'very creative' as a young child.

Young designer Elizabeth Bowtell was 'very creative' as a young child.

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