I was in the Creative Women Can Summit!

I was lucky enough to be invited by seriously super Shannon Bush the Creative Possibility Coach to be part of her awesome April telesummit “Creative Women Can Rocket in Business“.

There were some amazing speaker taking part, I really encourage you to go along and buy access to the recordings to hear some of my heros of the creative business world.  People like Jill Badonsky, Jennifer Lee, Amethyst Wyldfyre, Kama Frankling – just a few of my faves!

I shared a spotlight call with the wonderful Andrea Frayser who introduced me to a term that has become part of my creative coaching lexicon… the “Toxic Mind” – what a wonderful way to describe that horrible internal voice that we all hear at times telling us that we are not enough and should be better and do more and be more and and and…

Anyway –  you can listen to the call where I talk about my passion for creativity and encouraging everybody to play like a child!

Listen to the call by clicking here.  You will hear my special offer to summit guests on the VITAL eVolution – that has expired and was only for the telesummit, but you can get a $17 discount on the price of the VITAL eVolution as a listener here by using the code TOXIC on the order page.

So pop over to the VITAL eVolution sales page here, use the code TOXIC and for only $20 (instead of $37) you can enjoy 21 days of Vibrant Imaginative Thinking for Artful Living!

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