Give the gift of art…Artful Start Kit

CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!!!! My favourite festive time of the year!  So I wanted to offer you all a selection of my very favourite products in a handy artful kit…but this is not just any kit!!! It is a super dooper imagination artful genius kit! In the ARTFUL Start kit you receive 8 of my favourite […]

Do we still need to teach handwriting?

A guest blogger for The Guardian Teacher Network Blog, Kenny Pieper posed an interesting argument regarding the relevance of teaching handwriting in an (to use a cliche) electronic era following the discovery of some of his old handwritten school notebooks in his parent’s house. Loveletters, thankyou notes, invitations, shopping lists….all replaced by text, email, twitter, […]

Artful education of boys

Web MD magazine in the March-April 2011 Edition had a fantastic article in the “Parenting Matters” section titled “The sexes really do learn differently…” The key paragraph for me is in the second column… “A greater part of the cerebral cortex* of boys’ brains, on the other hand, is dedicated to spatial and mechanical functioning. […]

Homework gets an artful makeover

The move towards investment in creativity, artfulness and away from rote learning is demonstrated in the September 2010 issue of Educational Leadership. This article talks about the 5 hallmarks of good homework. First, the task has a clear academic purpose, such as practice, checking for understanding, or applying knowledge or skills. Second, the task efficiently demonstrates […]

Problem solving for better maths

According to a recent article in the BBC Education News the traditional maths teaching methods of rote learning of times tables is outdated. A recent study by Prof. Richard Cowan of London’s Institute of Education offers proof that creating an artful genius will benefit their maths learning. “In the 1920s and 1930s this was learnt […]