Ever felt you were just not
‘one of those creative people’?

It makes me so mad when I hear people say "I'm just not creative" or "I used to love doing art but just don't have the time now" or the worst one of all "I loved art as a kid, but when I grew up I realised I just didn't have any talent."

Oh dear!!! Well, let me just tell you right now....YOU ARE CREATIVE.
We are all creative...we create every single day!

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Have you ever …

  • Wished that you had the time to just be creative?
  • Longed for the days when you used to just do ‘stuff’ just ‘cos it was fun rather than always being based on outcomes and results?
  • Uttered those heinous words…”I’m just not creative”?
  • Promised yourself that you would do some ‘art’ when you got to the store to buy some ‘real’ art supplies but never quite made it there?
  • Been jealous of other people’s seemingly effortless creative skills?
  • Been frustrated that your creative attempts are not what you hoped?

That’s about to change!

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“The only job we have been given when we came to this earth is to create. Everything we do is a creation, from a job, to children to thoughts. We all create all the time, it is all we do.” Tom Justin, author & trainer.

No matter how creative you think you are or what you think you can’t do,  I’m here to show you that…

  • Your creativity is alive and well.
  • You can have a ball just playing with creative materials if you will just relax and enjoy the process.
  • You can find the time….who can’t spare just 15 minutes in a day 3 days per week….really????
  • You do not need to rush out and buy expensive materials to be creative, a cheap scrap book , glue stick and ball point pen are enough to get started.
  • It’s not fair to let the kids have all the fun!

C'mon jump on in...you know you want to...
My name is Nicky Tillyer and I founded Artful Genius to help people understand how easy it is to support and encourage their creative spirit and experience the freedom and flow of curiosity and creativity.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” Alvin Toffler

The ability to think creatively is to be able to see and accept alternatives, to adapt, to be innovative rather than stuck in conformity of limited reality and confining boundaries.

The world is changing at a rapid rate. Many information-based jobs are moving offshore or becoming automated by computers. This means that we need to learn a new set of skills to accommodate to the modern evolving world.

When you have inbuilt creative skills you can learn, unlearn and relearn new ways, new ideas and new concepts and it is these attributes that will lead to professional success and personal fulfillment in the future. It’s skills like these that, employers look for in prospective employees.

It all starts with building curious, creative, confident people.

I work with people just like you and I teach them how to easily and effortlessly feel more confident to let themselves explore the world in a powerfully creative and naturally self directed way.

As somebody who lived for many years as a frustrated artist, stifled by the creative conformity I experienced at home and school from well meaning parents and teachers, I understand what it feels like to have that creative flow blocked or even taken away. I was always frustrated with trying to make my art conform to what I believed art ‘should’ look like. All I felt was great disappointment with the results.

I understand the pain of having unexplored creativity and lost opportunities due to lack of confidence in my unusual and different approaches to challenges and problems at work. It was discovering that I was a creative soul, and my different way of seeing things was a skill to be cherished. Eventually I came to understand that my creativity was my natural genius, and that has given me a committed passion to promote creative thinking, and help us ‘crazy thinkers’ appreciate that their way can be just as good as the ‘right’ way.

Let me at it...I need those creative sparks!

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  • Take an art walk and observe your neighborhood.
  • Have fun with old glossies.
  • Find a new use for newspaper…and more!

Aimed at people….that’s it!  Anybody can have fun and benefit from this course.  If you are a fledgeling creative, a hopeful creative, already confident creative and anywhere in between you can have fun with the ideas and tasks in this course.

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